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Creating an image in Photoshop is not a good introduction to using the program. However, it’s a good alternative for those who want to try it out. Download it for free and give it a whirl before using any of its expensive features.

The most common way to describe a Photoshop image is as a raster image. In Photoshop, a raster image is a bitmap image in which the basic image is represented by dots that are connected together in a grid. The outline for the shape of the image is usually made up of straight or curved lines of these dots.

Check out Figure 12-1 to see how a raster image works.

Illustrations by Wiley, Composition™ by Wiley

Photoshop layers are overlaid onto one another to represent an image’s composition. Layers are what Photoshop uses to create the final image. You add text to a layer to add text to the image or to separate a layer from the others. You layer objects such as text, photographs, artwork, and so on. Layers are best understood by taking a look at Figure 12-2.

Illustrations by Wiley, Composition™ by Wiley

Figure 12-1: A raster image is made up of dots that form lines that make up the outline of the image.

Illustrations by Wiley, Composition™ by Wiley

Figure 12-2: When you add a new layer, you can start to add a new image by defining the position on the raster image.

Adding text to an image is a great way to get creative, because you can add a lot of different types of text. You can create a simple text layer, change its size and attributes, and add a shadow beneath it. You can also add text in different colors.

The Photoshop interface

Photoshop features a clean, easy-to-use interface. The most common features of Photoshop are available on the Home tab of the ribbon (see Figure 12-3). Any tools and functions on the ribbon, including the tools that control how you create and manage layers, are organized on this tab. This tab is available in many different views, depending on your artistic needs.

Illustrations by Wiley, Composition™ by Wiley

Figure 12-3: The Home tab of the ribbon is where all the power of Photoshop is.

The main window features an area below the toolbox area in which you can view all your open files

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As with any application it is a good idea to first make sure that you have the prerequisites installed and set up correctly. When installing Photoshop Elements you have the option to install or not to install any prerequisites.

A Quick Primer on Photoshop Elements:

A quick Primer on Photoshop Elements is not possible here because Photoshop Elements is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and does not come as a standalone app on the Mac or PC.


If you are installing for the first time, you need to download the most recent version of Photoshop Elements. You can find it on the Adobe page for Photoshop Elements here.

If you already have an older version of Photoshop Elements, you must delete it in order to install a new version. Make sure to backup your files before you delete and reinstall an older version of Photoshop Elements.

The installation process varies slightly depending on your computer and operating system. Here is a quick overview of the process:

Once you have downloaded and saved the file, double-click on the.dmg file and drag it to your Applications folder. If you have already installed Photoshop Elements on your computer the file will automatically be moved into the correct location on your desktop.

A new window will open. Type in your administrator name and password and select “Continue”.

Your computer will restart.

Once your computer is restarted, you will see a window titled Photoshop Elements Installed. Click the “Install Updates” button and download any updates that are available.

Click the “Install” button. The file will start installing.

After installation is finished, you will see the “Intro” screen. This screen will give you your login and password.

Finally, you will be taken to the Photoshop Elements home screen. This will be where you will keep most of your files and documents. You can also access help files and tutorials right from this screen.

This is a very quick overview of the installation process. If you do not know how to do any of these steps, please check out this tutorial for more info on the installation process.

Username: Administrator Password: when prompted: “Enter an account name and password.”

Make sure you enter the correct username and password.

If you are installing the program for the first time, you will need to create a new user profile. Click

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Google vs. Samsung: Android, Chrome, and the “Intellectual Property Advantage”

In September of last year, Google and Samsung came to an agreement regarding a number of patent infringements committed by Google as well as a number of the company’s products, namely: Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets, the Android operating system, the Google Play store, and Chromebooks. Each side was granted a series of concessions and some licences under the terms of the agreement. However, some members of the Android community remained wary, believing that Google had reached the agreement in order to appease its manufacturers, while others, notably rival phone manufacturers, were pleased with the results. One clear example of this is the likelihood that Samsung will continue to support its proprietary Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets with respect to developing Google’s services, and vice-versa.

Many feel that Samsung will continue to make the Android operating system and update its devices to incorporate new features as the company did prior to October 5th last year, as well as in the last two years. As such, Google has been keeping the development of its Android operating system in house while Samsung continues to release Galaxy based devices, both of which employ the Android OS, albeit with very different code.

There is also the idea that Samsung will eventually port its proprietary Tizen operating system to its Galaxy devices, as it did with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Furthermore, this is backed up by the fact that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones launched at IFA last year were already running Tizen. The underlying secret to the success of the Tizen OS, is that Samsung has tried to design the framework as a series of protocols, or APIs, to ensure developers are able to more easily interface with its hardware. In particular, the S6 and S6 Edge smartphones were able to succeed by utilizing the Near Field Communications (NFC) protocol. This same technology was also used in the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and can play a pivotal role in mobile payments. A further example of this can be seen when Linked-In recently rolled out its new standalone login, which is designed to function via NFC.

A year later and here we are again. This time, both Samsung and Google are actively seeking to negotiate and agree upon the terms of a renewed deal, which looks set to go ahead prior to the deadline of September 30th.

What’s all this about? Well, as this article explores, Google has been

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While GoF is helpful, it also shows the problem.
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