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* You can see a video about creating the three types of layers at ``.
* Work with a tutorial from the _Creative Pro_ series to see a more advanced tutorial on Photoshop layers at ``.
* I really like this Photoshop basics tutorial for beginners at ``.
* Look at the 20 common Photoshop errors at ``.

Because the term _layer_ refers to the way Photoshop organizes and manages your images, and because the program doesn’t just create raster images but layers as well, I want to make sure that you’re familiar with the basics of layers before we dive into features.

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However, it is a powerful tool that many photographers who have a little experience will find to be worth the time and effort to learn. We’ll walk you through a basic process for editing an image in Photoshop Elements and take a look at how to increase the quality of an image in Photoshop Elements.

Processing Your Images in Photoshop Elements

With Adobe Photoshop Elements, we’ll use the same steps to process images as we would in Photoshop.

Open Photoshop Elements Open the image you want to edit In the left sidebar, select Edit Import > Import Images. Double-click on the image to open it in the main workspace of the software. If your image contains layers, they will display by default for you to work on. If it doesn’t, simply change it in the main workspace of the application. Once you’re done editing the image, select Save to save your work or select Save to return it to your computer.

You can also insert your image into an existing document or, if your image is already open in Photoshop Elements, you can choose the Edit > Paste option to paste it into the image. This will only work if you have enough space in the image to paste it; it won’t work if there is not enough room to fit the image’s dimensions. You will need to resize the image in Photoshop Elements.

Creating New Images in Photoshop Elements

There are a few different ways to create new images in Photoshop Elements.

Create new images from scratch. Create new images from existing photos.

Creating New Images from Scratch

If you’re creating a new image from scratch, you’ll need to open a new document in Photoshop Elements and save it as a new file, instead of pasting an existing image into the file.

Step 1. Open a New Image. Select File > New, or press Ctrl-N to create a new image.

Step 2. Click OK to open your new image in the main workspace.

Step 3. Double-click on the image to open it in Photoshop Elements. If the image has layers, they will display by default for you to work on. If it doesn’t, simply change it in the main workspace of the application.

Step 4. If you need to resize your image, highlight the image and drag the corner of your document to resize the image.

To crop the image, you can simply

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How to speed up read operation on a file?

I have a file in which 2 million names are saved in a char* data. I have to read the file and display the first name of every single line. I am using getc but i wonder how read operation will be faster than i use getc.
void readFile()
FILE* pFile;
size_t fsize;
int i;
char* name;

if( (pFile = fopen( „/home/1/test.txt“, „r“ )) == NULL )
fprintf( stderr, „can’t open file“ );

fsize = getFileSize( pFile);
i = 0;
while( ( name = fgets( NULL, fsize, pFile )!= NULL ))
printf( „%s „, name );

int getFileSize( FILE* pFile )
long fsize;
if( (fsize = ftell( pFile )) < 0 )
fprintf( stderr, "can't get file size" );
return fsize;


Ideally, fgets is slow enough to read 1 character from a file, do something with that character, and then print that character to the console at the exact moment it is about to be overwritten by the next character.
You are calling fgets, asking it to read up to and including 1 character at a time (fsize is set to getFileSize).
fgets also takes and returns a pointer, which is almost always going to be larger than the same data size over one character.
You really should be using the getc function instead.


What you really want

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How do you create a boost::intrusive container without allocating a node for each of the class’ members?

I have a class that contains a std::vector. I need to periodically add and remove elements to that vector, so I want a class that has that vector be a member variable. I also want to be able to add and remove elements to that vector without causing a copy to be made, but that I could add and remove elements to. I’m comfortable having to allocate a node for each of the vector members, but I’d like to use a container.
I tried doing the below, but it seems like the vector is creating a copy every time an add() or pop() is called. So I have two questions:
First: Can I get boost::intrusive::rbtree to do what I want?
Second: Should I make the container a friend or is there a better way to accomplish this?
template >
class MyClass
typedef boost::intrusive::rbtree IntrusiveRBTree;

IntrusiveRBTree myVector;
void push_back(const T& newElement) {

std::vector& getVec() {
return myVector;

Using this code, running the same push_back() from the above example causes:

E2443 ‘begin’: member function already defined or declared

when defined in a static member function.
To fix this, I guess I need to define the vec as a non-static member. With that, I can define the vec member in the cpp file:
class Test {
static void foo() {
Test t;

static class MyClass {

System Requirements For Photoshop Download For Windows 7 With Key:

* NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550Ti with 2 GB VRAM
* Intel® Core™ i7-5930K with 8 GB RAM
* Windows 7
* Operating system not less than 500 MHz * Intel® Core™ i7-5930K with 8 GB RAM* Windows 7* Operating system not less than 500 MHz
How to install:
* Download the installation package from Nexus IO * Download the installation package from Nexus IO
How to use:
* Click the button, the app can be launched on the computer *


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