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**Working with Layers**

You use Photoshop’s layers to create and manipulate content in your images. You create a new layer and select the Create a New Layer icon in the Layers palette to create a new one. If you want to paste an existing image into the background, you can do so with the Load From Files icon (File ▸ Load). You can also use the Load From Photos icon to load a picture from a disc. Figure 6-13 shows a layer with the Load From Files icon.

**Figure 6-13 A layer is loaded.**

The Layers palette enables you to select and view different layers and to select and manipulate them individually. In the Layers palette (Figure 6-14), you can view all your layers, and the List Layers button displays only the layers with which you are working.

**Figure 6-14 The Layers palette.**

The Layers palette includes icons that enable you to do basic functions such as add or delete layers. The Add Layer button adds a new layer, and the Delete button removes the active layer. In the Layers palette, you can double-click a layer name to edit its settings, and to edit and layer properties.

You can lock layers so that you can’t edit them or move them around. The icons for locking layers are found in the Layers palette. When you lock a layer, its name

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Mac Users

Customization options in Photoshop CS4 / CC

Mac Users:

If you’re a seasoned Photoshop user, you’ll quickly find that Mac has some capabilities that Photoshop lacks. One, you’ll be able to use the more powerful Image Picker to quickly shoot and process RAW or JPEG files with better options, without having to have the photo attached to your computer first. This capability isn’t supported by Photoshop Elements. Second, PSD files can contain more layers, hundreds of ways to crop, and other tools that will make your work much easier.

Mac Users: A minimum of $99 ($79 DVD version) is required for PC/Mac (including OSX) users. The key difference between Elements and Photoshop is that Photoshop has Corel VideoStudio as an integrated video editing tool.

For Mac users of CS3, see Photoshop CS3 for Mac.

In this tutorial I’m using Photoshop CS6 and the full version of Elements.

Adobe Photoshop Elements (Elements) for Mac, which is version 11.0.0, is available for Mac OS X and for Windows, as well.

Next – Installation

3. If you already have a license for Photoshop Elements, click the “Continue” button to install the latest version of Elements. Otherwise, if you do not have a Photoshop Elements license, it will prompt you to purchase a one-year subscription.

4. When installing the full version of Elements, be sure to choose “Elements for Mac OS X” as your installation destination (that’s also the default).

5. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Elements, the installer will ask you to confirm the upgrade. If you are using a version later than 11.0.0 then you’ll need to select the “Upgrade” button to install the latest features. In other cases, you’ll be asked to follow the installation instructions.

Once the Elements 11 installer is complete you can open the application. If you choose to save all changes to the original document, you’ll have to resave your photo or image.

Using Elements:

If you have not used Elements before, see the Getting Started section of the Elements help for details on how to use the program.

Many of the basic image types are located in the “Digital Photo” menu

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How do I safely store eggs in the fridge?

Eggs aren’t considered safe to eat after thawing, but how about freezing them? Does it depend on the brand? How long before it’s safe to eat, and what temperature should they be kept at?


First, eggs should be kept in the coldest refrigerator setting. Some people even recommend the coldest setting (to keep food cold).
I’ve never heard of freezing eggs, but know that it’s considered unsafe. Egg quality degrades fairly quickly once they are thawed. Use before or I call your vet.


Eggs should be stored in their shells in the refrigerator. Use a thermometer to test the shell temperature when you buy the eggs and adjust your refrigerator.
After they have been refrigerated they can be warmed by a gentle heat source like a microwave or a warm bowl of water.


Food Safety website has some good tips:

There are several dangers to freezing eggs:
Rapid thawing, when the eggs are heated too quickly and then transformed into “runny scrambled eggs,” can cause physical damage.
In the refrigerator, eggs thaw slowly at around 0.6°F/0.29°C per hour. Because ice crystals can form in an egg’s yolk as it cools, the ice crystals will eventually turn into small chunks of ice. In addition, as ice crystals form, the egg whites will expand. When the egg is thawed, the ice crystals will cause the whites to burst into the yolk and create runny scrambled eggs.
If the egg is thawed in a microwave, the fastest way to thaw the egg is to microwave it at 100 percent power for two to three minutes. If you do not have a microwave oven, put the egg in a bowl of warm water or in a pan of hot water.
Storing eggs in the refrigerator, they will have less of a chance of spoiling. Temperatures of 32°F/0°C or lower should be used to store the eggs.

So, after thawing, which is normally done at room temp or a much lower temp, you need to be sure

What’s New in the?


How do you add members to an existing.env file?

I’d like to add some variables to an existing.env file.
So for example,
I have a.env file that looks like this:

And I’ve added an environment variable to it like this:

However, it seems to ignore this environment variable.
Can anyone help please?


Plese note that.env file can be created when you use Flyway command.
So, if you use it from time to time, you may forget adding new variables, and you will only be able to see ones, which was created during the last command invocation.
So, to be able to add new variables in existing.env file, you can only add them to the flyway.properties file which is generated when you run your first flyway command.
If you want to add new variable to the existing.env file, you need to generate flyway properties from the last existing one, using command like this:
mvn flyway:generate-resource

In this case, the flyway.properties file will be created in the root folder of your project, with variables from the last.env file.
So, you only need to add new variable to the flyway.properties file


How to construct simple SQL statement to copy all records in Table1 to Table2 which are not present in Table3?

I’m very new to SQL and please bear with me if the solution to this question sounds so simple. I’m working on migrating content between two SQL-Server databases.
Say I have two tables that I want to copy data between:
ID Name Item1 Item2 Item3 Item4 Item5
1 Bike 23 34 36 45 54
2 Car 3 56 67

System Requirements For Photoshop Cc 2014 Crack Only Download:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit (8 GB RAM)
Processor: Intel Core i3, Pentium, or equivalent
Hard Drive: 4 GB of free space
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
DirectX: Version 11
Wired Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX11-enabled sound cards
Additional Notes: Windows applications must be set to use 32-bit versions of the DLLs they require.
OS: Windows 7 SP



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