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Let’s begin with the basics: Jason’s first contribution to ILNEL, 0.1 – The Ultimate VCS Manager. 0.1 is a build of Jason’s off-line VCS manager, which is a versatile file manager and integrated vcs. 0.1 is a work in progress, and in its current form (as of the time of writing) it only contains a find & replace file search. It’s nearly feature complete, however, and it contains some cool stuff that just isn’t found in a lot of other vcs managers.

If you’d like to see a more recent version, click here: Jason’s VCS is pretty flexible, but it’s nowhere near as complete as ILNEL’s solution. The VCS/SVN/git aspect is generally pretty self-explanatory—Jason’s VCS handles versioning by storing the last known value of the file in a database, and notifying you of incoming changes. The VCS/SVN/Git aspect of Jason’s VCS requires a little more explanation. Subversion and Git come with a kind of scaffold that makes the manager for you (the Subversion and Git client providers, so to speak). However, Jason’s solution doesn’t. It provides a way to integrate a separate client into the manager, but it’s going to be a little more complex to set up and use than the two native tools.

Jason’s default client is TortoiseSVN. You could use any Subversion client, really, and Jason has a little utility for you to select between them and handle the connection details for you. You’ll have to


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