2016. 04. 06 -15 Project “The Education of Gifted and Talented” ( 2014-1- TR1- KA101-000826) initiated by Adana Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi – BILSEM which is a science and art centre in Adana, Turkey working in the field of giftedness. The visit for Turkish Delegation of Teachers was organized by ECG and Lithuanian University of Educational Science /Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology. The project is supported by the Turkish National Agency under the Erasmus+ Programme. The aim of this project is experiencing the education policy of gifted and talented din different countries (Portugal, Spain and Lithuania). This mobility project consisting of structural course activities for 15 different teachers working in various fields from Turkey seeks to know more about the different systems of gifted education in EU countries. The output of the project is to prepare an elaborate report to be submitted to the General Directorate of Special Education affiliated to the Ministry of Education in Turkey. The trainings were held in the city of Vilnius with the participation of six teachers. The discussion and seminars about gifted education system in Lithuania was held in Lithuanian University of Educational Science. The guests also have visited different educational institutions and famous gymnasiums in Lithuania: Democratic school (, Tuskulėnai Gymnasium ( , National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art (, Vilnius International Meridian school ( and Trakai Education Assistance Authority. They also visited the Science exhibition (CERN) in Vilnius University.

2007–2013 – implemented „Practical, problem solving and creativity training  assumptions, practice and possibilities of its development among primary school children;“ supported by funding from the European Structural Funds “Development of Primary Education” in implementation of Measure  VP1-2.2-ŠMM-02-V of Priority 2 “Lifelong Learning”.  Project code – VP1-2.2-ŠMM-02-V-02-003.

2010 – represented a creativity development program in Riga, Latvia; supported by funding from the Norwegian Financial Instrument project LV0088 „Support system for creativity research and enhancement for human resource development in Latvia.“

2008 – partnered with Apollon  (Greek Collecting Society for Musicians) on a project titled “Networking Networks: Traditional Patterns and Values in Modern ICT Networking and Creating of Global Activities for Talented Youth.”

2008 – “Identification of gifted children as the most important and primary education condition” program; funded by The Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania.

2007 – “Reflect your abilities” program; supported by The Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania.

2006 – development of The Creativity Program Training Handbook, and an associated summer camp  for teachers, parents and students; supported by funding from The Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe.

2002 – Lithuanian ”You can do more?” project funded by The Lithuanian Foundation for Educational Change.

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