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How to rename a field column name in Delphi

I made a form in Delphi and accidentally named a fieldcolumn Id instead of Id. Now I made this mistake again. How can I correct it?
It looks something like this:
How do I just change it to Id without deleting it?


You have two options:

Go to the form designer and edit the fields manually (the ‘Id’ column of a fieldset is referenced by the ‘Id’ property of the form)
Use the form property inspector to update the ‘Id’ property (see this answer)

Album Review

Emeralds are the queenpins of the 1970s British progressive rock movement, a potent mix of complex instrumental melodies, eccentric lyrics, off-kilter vocals, and sweeping arrangements. They might not have been quite as innovative or experimental as Yes or Pink Floyd, but few other bands offer such a complete statement of vision in each of its songs and albums. And although the band didn’t last long, it’s a shame that they broke up before issuing the masterpiece that was their final album, 1987’s Solar System.

Even when the band was still together, there was always some uncertainty about whether they wanted to be just a conventional rock band, playing the kind of songs that had become standard fare for the progressive circuit. „I think we’d all have been happier if we were just players in a bigger band,“ explained drummer Robin Simon. Guitarist John Wetton also made it clear that progressive rock wasn’t exactly his bag. „We were worried about being sold out, being in the established way,“ he explained. „We were disillusioned by the scene — there was this music that seemed so obsessive.“

But there’s nothing obsessive about the music on Emeralds. „Not really, no,“ Wetton said. „I always thought that, looking back, we tried to do something different in the first wave of the band, and the same in the second and third. But I guess that’s just life, and you get a time when there’s just no way forward. We were three young guys in a shed in the country and suddenly

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In the past, a satellite control system which is suitable for a space environment on which no adequate orbit control is effected due to gravitational effects of the earth, such as the moon, and an asteroid has been proposed, as taught by the present inventors in the U.S. patent application Ser. No. 643,327 now U.S. Pat. No. 4,383,203.
The above disclosed satellite control system is arranged, in a system structure shown in FIG. 6, to operate in the following manner. Namely, it is arranged that a satellite is controlled on a three-dimensional orbit basis in a three-dimensional orbit and a three-dimensional orbit of the satellite is inputted into a ground station 12 through a ground station antenna 11. A flight plan information (i.e., an orbit which the satellite is to fly in and a course of the satellite) is provided through a station controller 13. A station controller 13 is arranged to input a control command into a satellite controller 14, whereupon the satellite controller 14 inputs a control command into a controlled object 16 such as a thruster for rocket propulsion, in response to which the controlled object 16 operates in accordance with the input control command. The station controller 13 inputs thereinto a status of operating of the satellite which is detected by a sensor 17 and a range rate of the sensor 17 which represents the orbit rate of the satellite. The sensor 17 which functions as a throttle controller is arranged to control the throttle of the thruster,


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