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Name CyberGrid: Tower defense
Publisher faxafea
Format File
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– Special thanks to our fans and supporters.

Supports multiplayer (included in the game)

Extract file with WinRAR or 7zip. Copy all of the contents of the folder „_game_“ into the „assets“ folder of your 3ds cartridge. Your game should be ready to play right after you enter the game and do not have to do anything else. If you experience problems make sure you check if the following exist and are writable/readable:


„memory stick0.sav“


„memory stick0.sav.meta“


„memory stick0.sav.index“


„memory stick0.sav.meta.gz“

„0000“ is the ID of the folder. To find out which folder you should copy out of your cart, right click on the folder you want to copy from. Right-click and hit the „properties“ and then it will tell you which folder it is.

Now if you want to play with friends, they can download it via this website: [private]

Be sure to watch our FAQ!

– The source-code for the game is available at
– H


CyberGrid: Tower Defense Features Key:

  • Game key features:
  • Crazy adventures with McConnel Tyson
  • Awesome vectorial art
  • Different character portraits
  • 8 different landscapes to explore
  • Sound effects
  • Realistic humor
  • Various gadgets
  • Various weapons
  • 8 horses equipped with weapons
  • 3 different quests
  • 82 wave building drops (14+14+3+3 drops)
  • 82 underground adventure zones
  • 5 underground cities
  • 15 sea ports
  • 7 sea horse bases
  • 3 underground horse bases
  • 3 underground desert bases
  • 3 underground vampire bases
  • 2 world temple bases
  • 2 underwater zones
  • 2 underground caves
  • 2 underground lava lakes
  • 3 underground decorations
  • 2 ice caves
  • 2 underground dungeons
  • 2 underground lava oceans
  • 10 underground gold mines
  • 2 underground lava lair
  • 4 underground libraries
  • 4 underground dungeons
  • 3 underground hidden bases
  • 2 underground etc.
  • 10 underground layers
  • 9 underground castles
  • 3 underground wells
  • 2 underground galleries
  • 1 desert camel
  • 1 grave
  • 1 bazaar
  • 22 libras
  • 2 dams
  • 1 port
  • 4 skeleton wagons
  • 2 airship fight
  • 10 dessert rations
  • 25 satchel
  • 1 windmill
  • <


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• How To install?

1) Install Win7 or higher (32 or 64 bit)

2) Install Game (Overdungeon – Mr.Almighty) and keygen

3) Extract the file in game folder

4) Play game and have fun

NOTE: Have no worries about about outdated guides, outdated win Xp/Vista/7??. We’re working on the crack for updates and to provide fresh and relevant content.




System Requirements:

Windows XP Home or Professional:
Windows Vista Home Premium or Professional:
* 15 GB available hard disk space. * If your drive supports Dynamic Disks, you will need to have 10 GB of space on that partition. * If your drive supports Dynamic Disks, you will need to have 15 GB of space on that partition.
Mac OS X:
* Minimum of 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
Mac OS X: Minimum of 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger


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